Curve - an open source distributed storage system

High Performance, Easy Operation, Cloud Native

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What is Curveļ¼Ÿ

Curve is a distributed storage system designed and developed independently by NetEase, featured with high performance, easy operation, cloud native. Curve is composed with CurveBS(Curve Block Storage) and CurveFS(Curve FileSystem). CurveBS supports snapshot, clone, and recover, also supports virtual machines with qemu and physical machine with nbd. CurveFS supports POSIX based on Fuse.

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Quick Start

If you want to try how CURVE works, you can deploy an all-in-one environment. If you want to try it in production environment, you can deploy multi-machine cluster. The depoly document has Chinese version only. The English version is on the way.


So far, we have implemented a high performance block storage system, which supports snapshot, clone and recovery, and it can be attached to QEMU virtual machine or physical machine (by curve-nbd). CURVE has been served as an elastic block storage service inside NetEase for a certain time, during which high performance and reliability have shown.

Open Source

You are sincerely welcomed to issue any bugs or any suggestions through Github issues. Curve is a open source project, you can submit a pull request to master branch. For more detail, please refer to CONTRIBUTING.